3D Graphics Topsites Props2 





            cupboard                     plate                         sideboard                        sofa


            sofa bed                     diabolo                          dice                             shower

             egg                           armchair                        lamp                         chandelier

                                                                            (and its light)                (and its light)


            pine                         pine& pot                          tray                         pyramid


            stool                         torch                             totem                             top

                                    (and its light)(smart)

    cone trunk                       hose pipe                          TV                              basin

                                                                            (and its light) 

                                                                        (texturable screen)


    brandy glass                       bath                            chair                          lady's hat                                                                                                                                   (smart)


    stool                            canoe & paddle                   tent                       bench (for the van)


    mobile(smart)                          jeep                          building               roof(see characters..)

        trolley                         pendant(smart)                barstool                      The Club 

                                                                                                                                        (wysiwyg : 1 pp2 !)





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