3D graphics


Poser4 :  a wonderfull 3D tool to create animations (.AVI) with characters (humans and  animals) within 3D  scenes. samples libraries for characters , clothes and poses are quite rich. Samples library for objects (props) is poor. Mine has 150 props built with 3DS Max4. With some practice, you can quickly obtain good effects by manipulating camera and setting lihgts. My Poser4 page tries to illustrate all these points with animations and pictures for everyone and other downloads for Poser4 fans.  In Poser, you can insert pictures (photos) as background and add sound track to animation. With a tool such as TextPuppet you can even make characters speak. 

3DS Max : 3D modeling and 3D animation professional tool. Having none of  the samples libraries, I use it only to build objects for Poser4 or to create new objects from Poser samples; especially for clothes.

Tools :

            PaintShopPro 6.0  

            PaintShopPro 6.0 Animation Studio 

            LSX 3.5  


            Nero WaveEdit  

            UV Mapper 

            Phi Builder 

The animation on top of page is  an animated gif which tries to be synchronised with a wave. The original (.AVI) is due to Poser4+TextPuppet (and it's rather better(click the animation to get the zip))