In any order: The tools of my shop to make 3D animations.

PaintShopPro 6.0 : pictures and photo editor and more. I use it to create textures (envelopes/materials)  (that's how you can make a cube becomes a wood cube or marble cube or other material in Poser).  

PaintShopPro 6.0 Animation Studio : Animations editor. That's how I change an .AVI animation into an animated GIF. Allows text include, etc.


LSX 3.5 : To move from AVI  to MPEG format, then reduces animations files sizes..


TextPuppet : To make Poser characters speak. You type the sentence and it generates lips movements and synchronised wave! You nearly have only to record the animation! Incredible but true!


Nero WaveEdit : Waves editor. To create, modify your animation sound track.  


UV Mapper : for Poser4. works with the .obj files.


Phi Builder : for Poser4. UV Mapper complement, works from .obj files , creates and edits the Physical hierarchy (.phi) of Poser4.     

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